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Air Force 1 Z-19 Attack Helicopter

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This item is pre-order. Available 4th week of November 2020!

Brand: Air Force 1

Color: Black

Scale: 1/48


  • Heavy-Duty Diecast Body
  • Well-Equipped Cockpits with Glazed Windows
  • Authentic Markings
  • Display Stand Included

Details: The Harbin Z-19 is a Chinese reconnaissance/attack helicopter developed by HAMC for the People's Liberation Army Air Force and the Ground Force Air Force. It is an improved variant of the Harbin Z-9 and hence a distant cousin of the Eurocopter Dauphin. The Z-19 is an updated modified version of the Harbin Z-9W (similar to the development of Bell AH-1 Cobra from UH-1). It is a twin-seat tandem helicopter with a similar mechanical layout to the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin series as the Z-9 series are license-built versions of the Dauphin. The Z-19 features a fenestron tail, damping its sound and therefore allows it to achieve some level of acoustic stealthiness.