The Co-operative Exchange

The Philippines and Filipinos

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Author: O. W. Coursey

Number Of Pages: 228

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Release Date: 03-08-2012

Details: My former book, entitled History and Geography of the Philippine I slands, having met with such favor at the hands of the public that a second edition of it became necessary, I felt encouraged to write this one. The other book was written in 1903; this one, in 1914. This interval of eleven years has witnessed such an unprecedented, and, I might add, truthfully, such an unexpected, era of industrial and commercial development in the Philippines, under the soverignty of the United States, that we now see them in a new perspective. Although a great deal of the information contained in this book was collected from among the archives of Manila, by myself, while I was on soldier duty in the I slands, yet I wish publicly to announce my obligations to the Department of Insular A ffairs, Washington, D. C, for very valuable assistance rendered in furnishing to me a large number of public and private, civil and military, documents with which to verify my data and to complete my manuscript.
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