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Self Regulation and Mindfulness Activities for Sensory Processing Disorder: Creative Strategies to Help Children Focus and Remain Calm

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Author: Foster PhD OTR/L RYT, Stephanie M.

Brand: Rockridge Press

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 150

Release Date: 05-05-2020

Details: Help kids with SPD focus, be happier, and stay calm―60 activities for ages 3 to 12

When children are out of sync with their senses, navigating everyday life can be challenging. Children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) can have a harder time interacting with their teachers, peers, and even parents. Self-Regulation and Mindfulness Activities for Sensory Processing Disorder is full of advice, information, and activities that can help you understand SPD and help your child improve their sensory processing skills so they can thrive in their world.

Learn about how sensory processing disorder works in our bodies and what kinds of behavior children might exhibit when they’re struggling with it. Then, dive into fun and engaging activities that help your child achieve a balanced state of mind. With 60 different enjoyable exercises, you and your child will find games and experiences to do together that you love while you watch them build skills right in front of your eyes.

Inside Self-Regulation and Mindfulness Activities for Sensory Processing Disorder, you’ll find:

  • Sensory smart―Understand sensory processing disorder and how your child feels when they’re out of sync.
  • Focused fun―Discover creative and kid-friendly activities designed to specifically build self-regulation and mindfulness skills.
  • Play to learn―Interactive games designed for all types of sensory processing challenges make this an ideal resource to fit the individual needs of your child.

Let these creative solutions to complex behaviors help you navigate raising children with sensory processing disorder.

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