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Poor Richard’s Almanack [Illustrated]

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Author: Franklin, Benjamin

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 48

Publisher: Seedbox Press, LLC

Release Date: 30-11-2011

Details: This Seedbox Classics edition of Poor Richard's Almanack includes illustrations.

Poor Richard’s Almanack was a yearly almanac that was published by Benjamin Franklin under the pseudonym Richard Saunders. A popular pamphlet in colonial America, Poor Richard’s Almanack was filled with the wit and wisdom of Benjamin Franklin in the form of hundreds of proverbs and other data.

This edition of Poor Richard’s Almanack is a collection of the proverbs and sayings of Benjamin Franklin from all of the almanacs from 1732 to 1758. Topics include advice on money, family, friendship, health, virtue, and God.

Languages: English