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Malagos Signature Gift Box (Box of 2)

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Description: Our Signature Gift Box containing our award-winning dark collection is a great gift idea for any occasion.

The box has the same illustration & similar color scheme as the ‘gift box’ given to the spouses of the ASEAN leaders at the 50th ASEAN Summit.  

It also comes with a gift band to make it extra special. You can choose from any of the designs featuring Philippine icons as well as a floral theme showcasing the Waling-waling orchid that we grow at our orchid farm in Davao City, Philippines. Our Christmas bands are now available for this season of gift giving.  

Artwork designs are exclusive to Malagos Chocolate. 

Box of two (2): 

  • 1 pc Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate Bar (85 grams) 
  • 1 pc Malagos 72% Dark Chocolate Bar (85 grams)

Storage: Store in a clean, dry, slightly cool, and odorless place like a pantry cabinet  (18° to maximum 22°C).  Keep away from heat and light.  Do not store in a fridge / refrigerator / chiller as sudden change in temperature will change the appearance of the chocolate (i.e., whitish coating). This phenomenon is called 'bloom' –– fat or sugar crystals rise to the surface of the chocolate. Chocolates that have 'bloomed' are still edible.