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Inventing Bitcoin: The Technology Behind the First Truly Scarce and Decentralized Money Explained

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Author: Pritzker, Yan

Brand: Independently Published

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 106

Release Date: 17-06-2019

Details: Review "There are extremely few books that can boast that they take a very complex and difficult idea, and make it easy to understand. 'Inventing Bitcoin' starts from the fundamental problem that needs solving and piece by piece rebuilds bitcoin conceptually from the ground up. And does this without a bunch of technical jargon. It may very well be my favorite book for grasping the how and why of the Bitcoin system... and I've read quite a few of them." — Guy Swann, Host of Bitcoin Audible Podcast "Yan explains what Bitcoin is with brevity and insight. Reading his book gave us the confidence to pivot our entire business into Bitcoin. Read it and it will change your life." — Anthony Scaramucci, Founder, SkyBridge Capital "Only took two hours! This will be an incredible resource for helping people understand Bitcoin." — Marty Bent, Host of TFTC Podcast "Inventing Bitcoin is so good because it's the result of Yan teaching Bitcoin to high school students for a year, evolving the best explanations and analogies, determining the optimal stacking and framing. I don't think any other Bitcoin book evolved that way." — Cory Klippsten, Founder & CEO, Swan.com "I sent out another copy today to an interested investor. I must have sent about one hundred this year. Great introduction to Bitcoin with enough depth if you want to get into the weeds." — Dan Tapiero, Founder & CEO 10T Holdings "I consider Inventing Bitcoin as one of the best books to gift to your friends or family for them to start their own rabbit hole journey. I personally found the book at the start of 2020 and was amazed at how it helped click so many pieces of the puzzle into place in my own mind after having spent years trying to wrestle with so many of the concepts that make bitcoin so unique!" — Daniel Prince, Host of Once Bitten Podcast Product Description Bitcoin may well be the greatest invention of our time, and most people have no idea what it is, or how it works. Walking through its invention step by step, this short two hour read is critical before you invest. No technical expertise required! Read it, then share it with your loved ones. “It was much quicker and easier to understand than I expected [...] After reading it I sold some of my alts for more bitcoin. I’m on the edge of becoming a maximalist because of you.” - Nako Mbelle, Around The Coin Podcast From the Author Inventing Bitcoin was the result of my own journey into discovering and understanding why Bitcoin was invented and how it works. I left a long and successful career in tech entrepreneurship to study Bitcoin full time because I believed it was among one of the most important inventions of this century. After more than a year of giving talks on Bitcoin to various audiences including high school students, I found that there was no book out there that succintly captured the how and why of Bitcoin. This book is written at a level anyone can understand, and yet will leave you with a depth of knowledge that will make you confident enough to explain Bitcoin to your friends and family. Today, Bitcoin is leading a radical transformation in our society and enabling human collaboration, freedom, and flourishing on a scale never before seen. This book will enable you to see what so many people who have dedicated thousands of hours to studying Bitcoin are talking about -- and all in just a short two hour read. From the Inside Flap When many people first hear about Bitcoin, they tend to develop opinions before even attempting to understand it. There is so much noise out there, it's easy to be misled about what Bitcoin is, and how it works. Up until 2016, I was one of these people. Why did I decide to write this book? I spent the last twenty years building tech startups. I immerse myself in new technology every day, and I'm pretty good at figuring things out. Even still, it took me five years from first hearing about Bitcoin to actually sitting down to try to understand it. I have a feeling I'm not the

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