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HBR Guide to Data Analytics Basics for Managers (HBR Guide Series)

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Author: Review, Harvard Business

Brand: Harvard Business Review Press

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 256

Release Date: 03-04-2018

Part Number: 27571253

Details: Don't let a fear of numbers hold you back.
Today's business environment brings with it an onslaught of data. Now more than ever, managers must know how to tease insight from data--to understand where the numbers come from, make sense of them, and use them to inform tough decisions. How do you get started?
Whether you're working with data experts or running your own tests, you'll find answers in the HBR Guide to Data Analytics Basics for Managers. This book describes three key steps in the data analysis process, so you can get the information you need, study the data, and communicate your findings to others.
You'll learn how to: Identify the metrics you need to measure Run experiments and A/B tests Ask the right questions of your data experts Understand statistical terms and concepts Create effective charts and visualizations Avoid common mistakes

EAN: 9781633694286

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