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Gel Food Recipes for Goldfish & Koi

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Author: Rand, BG

Brand: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 26

Release Date: 10-06-2016

Details: Gelatin consists of partially hydrolyzed collagen, a protein which is highly abundant in some animal tissues such as bone and skin; promotes healthy fins and scales; promotes a healthy digestive system and prevents constipation, a common problem with our goldfish and Koi Feeding goldfish gel food made from scratch creates an easy way for us to give our fish the extra supplements they may need. Whether you feed it as a special treat, feed it daily as a part of a healthy diet, use as a preventative or treatment. Your fish will greatly benefitChoose from 10 recipes designed to improve general health and health related issues. Recipe with natural antibiotic, recipe for aging fish and small fry, recipe for fish that have suffered ammonia or carbonate burns, recipe for organ failure (bloating), recipe for floating issues (constipation) and more10 recipes to improve your goldfish and or Koi's health

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