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Bitcoin For Dummies

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Author: Kent, Peter

Brand: Wiley

Edition: 2

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 304

Release Date: 11-03-2022

Details: Product Description A primer on the currency alternative that's changing the world Bitcoin can be a bit puzzling to the uninitiated. Ledger? Blockchain? Mining? These cryptocurrency concepts aren't going away, and there are tremendous opportunities for those with some know-how to get onboard with the crypto culture. Bitcoin For Dummies helps you get un-puzzled, learn the Bitcoin basics, and discover the possibilities in the new world of digital currencies. With this 100% new edition, you can step into the fascinating culture of cryptocurrency and learn how to use Bitcoin as a currency or an investment vehicle. A little bit of knowledge will go a long way, and you’ll be ready to sail smoothly ahead as the crypto tsunami advances. Demystify Bitcoin and learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrency Create a digital wallet and make everyday purchases using Bitcoin Discover the ins and outs of investing in Bitcoin and other up-and-coming cryptocurrencies Participate in the cutting-edge culture of crypto Bitcoin For Dummies is great for beginning Bitcoin users and investors who need to know the basics about getting started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. From the Back Cover Become part of the Bitcoin boom Bitcoin is a digital currency, an investment opportunity, and a paradigm-shifting way for thinking about finance. You’ve come to the right place to untangle the details behind the world’s first widely traded cryptocurrency. This book offers insight into blockchain and the ledgers tracking Bitcoin transactions. You’ll also discover how to use Bitcoin to buy and sell stuff, get the basics of Bitcoin investing, and geek out on advanced topics like regulation and mining. It’s all here, in terms anyone can understand. Inside… Buying and selling items with Bitcoin Creating a digital wallet Keeping your Bitcoin secure Mining for fresh Bitcoin Investing in Bitcoin Demystifying blockchain, ledgers, and networks Securing your Bitcoin investment About the Author Peter Kent is author of numerous technology titles as well as his own cryptocurrency video course, Get Crypto Clear: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Made Simple. Tyler Bain is an engineer specializing in the electrical grid and keeping the lights on for all those Bitcoin miners, traders, and node runners. Peter and Tyler are also co-authors of Cryptocurrency Mining For Dummies.

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