The New Co-operator

American Apparel Cooperator Shirt

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Forget mass-produced monotony. This isn't your average tee. This is the American Apparel Cooperator Shirt, a badge of honor for everyday revolutionaries. It's more than just threads – it's a woven symbol of community, shared prosperity, and conscious change.

Imagine rocking this eco-conscious cotton, knowing it whispers tales of fair wages and respect for the planet. Feel the pride as “The New Co-operator” ignites conversations, sparks curiosity, and inspires others to join the movement. It's not just a purchase, it's a declaration: “I believe in collaboration, fair play, and building something better, together.” Wear it loud, wear it proud. This shirt's for you – join the revolution, one stitch at a time.

Iconic AA classic tee shirt in our fine jersey, a super soft everyday fabric. A wardrobe staple.

4.3 oz., Fine jersey, 100% Ring-spun combed cotton, Slim fit 

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