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Plucked: Chicken, Antibiotics, and How Big Business Changed the Way the World Eats

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Author: McKenna, Maryn


Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 416

Release Date: 06-08-2019

Details: Product Description In this eye-opening exposé, acclaimed health journalist and National Geographic contributor Maryn McKenna documents how antibiotics transformed chicken from local delicacy to industrial commodity—and human health threat—uncovering the ways we can make America's favorite meat safer again. What you eat matters—for your health, for the environment, and for future generations. In this riveting investigative narrative, McKenna dives deep into the world of modern agriculture by way of chicken: from the farm where it's raised directly to your dinner table. Consumed more than any other meat in the United States, chicken is emblematic of today's mass food-processing practices and their profound influence on our lives and health. Tracing its meteoric rise from scarce treat to ubiquitous global commodity, McKenna reveals the astounding role of antibiotics in industrial farming, documenting how and why "wonder drugs" revolutionized the way the world eats—and not necessarily for the better. Rich with scientific, historical, and cultural insights, this spellbinding cautionary tale shines a light on one of America's favorite foods—and shows us the way to safer, healthier eating for ourselves and our children.  This book was previously published in hardcover with the title Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats. Review “In this well-written exposé, McKenna ( Superbug) dissects the controversy of the routine use of antibiotics to fatten chicken, which has led to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria…Throughout, McKenna offers spot-on commentary on the dangerous additives in chickens and concludes on a relatively hopeful note.” – Publishers Weekly “This superb scientific exposé by journalist Maryn McKenna skewers the use of growth-promoting antibiotics in chicken feed.”– Nature “Solid, eye-opening public health journalism.”– Kirkus “ In Big Chicken, McKenna chronicles in exquisite detail how humanity went from developing antibiotics to prevent the world’s worst bacteria, to standing on the verge of an onslaught of unstoppable diseases.”– "Journalist and author Maryn McKenna...describes the consequences of decades spent feeding chicken antibiotics, in terms of chicken flavor, poultry well-being, and, most significantly, human health."  – The Atlantic "A twisting tale that science writer Maryn McKenna elegantly unspools in her extraordinary new book. – Fortune “Maryn McKenna has led the charge against rampant antibiotic use and the resultant superbugs. Here, in a page-turning story, she tells how chicken became the symbol of factory farming, and why we can finally be hopeful this dreadful era is drawing to a close. A must-read for anyone who cares about the quality of food and the welfare of animals.” —Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything “McKenna zeroes in on the industry’s longtime reliance on antibiotics in order to quickly grow nice and plump birds for our dining pleasure.” –Atlanta Journal Constitution  “ Big Chicken is a fascinating story of big food and the price we pay for cheap food.” —Tom Colicchio, Chef of Crafted Hospitality and Co-founder of Food Policy Action   “If you think raising farm animals on antibiotics is nothing to worry about, Big Chicken will change your mind in a hurry. McKenna, a compelling writer, tells a gripping story: how antibiotics helped transform chicken-raising from backyard to industrial.  Her account of the profit-driven politics that allowed widespread antibiotic resistance should be required reading for anyone who cares about food and health, and especially for congressional representatives who have consistently failed to take action on this critical issue­.” —Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University, and author of Food Politics   “A modern Upton Sinclair, Maryn McKenna explains how our food is actually produced today . Big C

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