The Satoshi Sequence

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Author: Brandon Zemp

ISBN: 1973214695

Number Of Pages: 155

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 2017-11-02

Details: Everyone asks the same questions•What is Bitcoin? •How do I invest in Cryptocurrency? •How will Blockchain shape the world? But what if I told you that The Satoshi Sequence goes far beyond your average book? This manifesto will not only enlighten you on Blockchain technology and the exciting opportunities in Cryptocurrency, but will explain the exponential shift that's taking place right now. A revolution is brewing and you have a chance to play a part in it, but you have to take your first step onto the path less taken.The Satoshi Sequence will...•Enlighten you on how to invest, mine, and utilize Cryptocurrency•Unveil the history behind this revolution•Give foresight into the future of Blockchain•Elaborate on the ideology of this new Technology•Provide you the tools necessary to explore this exciting opportunity

EAN: 9781973214694

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