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SaniKey, Bulk Min. 50 pcs.

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The price indicated is for single to small quantity purchases. We have bulk pricing for cooperatives in the Philippines only. Bulk MOQ 50 pieces. Important: Kindly contact us at or through our contact page before placing a bulk order.

SaniKey contactless touchless door opener keychain tool helps reduce your surface point of contact by up to 99%! By limiting your physical touch to a key chain tool you avoid up to 99% of surface exposure and transmission of germs. Made from high-grade zinc alloy, this product is antimicrobial. Works on most surfaces, touchscreens, door handles, buttons, etc. Easily attaches to keychains and makes for a perfect gift for your family and friends.

The SaniKey tool helps you open doors, push shopping carts, push various keyboard buttons, and keypads which you normally touch with your hands. This tool helps to provide a barrier to commonly touched surfaces.