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Kasse Hardware Wallet by Hyundai Pay

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Brand: Kasse

Color: Black Chrome, Glossy Black


  • Kasse Currently Supports: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC), Qtum(QTUM, Ripple (XRP), Zcash (ZEC), and more coming soon!
  • Everything you need to secure your crypto coins! In the box: Kasse HK-1000 hardware wallet, USB cable, nylon lanyard, user manual and blank recovery sheet. Just download the free software client from the site listed in the user guide, plug in your Kasse, and generate your secure wallets with a few clicks.
  • Cold storage of digital currency has never been so secure and easy! Store, send, and receive cryptocurrency safely and with confidence through the Kasse All-in-one PC App (Windows 7+ -- Linux, Mac & Mobile Coming Soon). Beneath its compact and elegant ergonomic exterior, Kasse generates and secures your private keys within a secondary secure chip locked by a user-created pin. Hardened against threats to your coins, this silicon vault is immune to malware, key loggers, viruses, and hackers.
  • BIP39/44 Universal Compatibility: Kasse is compatible with all BIP39/44 compliant wallets (12-24 Word Seed + Passphrase). Import, recover and generate cryptocurrency wallets that are compatible with all leading hardware wallets and most popular software wallets. Whether Kasse is your first wallet, you are making the switch to Kasse, or your Kasse is a backup for an existing wallet, you can be sure of seamless compatibility with other solutions.
  • Transaction details are displayed on the Kasse's secure OLED display and must be confirmed with the user-generated PIN to ensure the owner of the wallet retains complete control while combating deception or theft on PCs that may be compromised or less than secure.

Publisher: HyundaiPay

Details: Kasse is a next-generation USB connected device that secures your cryptocurrency wallets with the latest bank-grade security hardware.

Featuring a state of the art dual-chip hardware configuration (STM32L082/STSAFE-J100), Kasse generates and stores cryptocurrency private keys within a CC EAL5+ certified secure environment featuring an AIS-31 class PTG.2 compliant true random number generator.

Your private keys can never be seen, held, or known by Kasse or any third party. They are inaccessible and locked away within the secure element of the Kasse hardware wallet, and they are only used to sign transactions when you physically confirm them on your device.

With the Kasse HK-1000, your digital currency wallets are truly yours, and you can secure them with the peace of mind and sophistication of a high-security bank.

UPC: 720066451157

EAN: 0720066451157