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How to Sell Life Insurance.: Life Insurance Selling Techniques, Tips and Strategies

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Author: Michael Bonilla

Brand: Audible

Binding: Audible Audiobook

Format: Unabridged

Release Date: 11-04-2018


In this book we will cover the following topics: 

  1. Rebuttals/Common objections 

  2. How to develop a process for selling life insurance

  3. Life insurance sales strategies

  4. Rapport building

  5. Systems to determine a death benefit

  6. Why people buy life insurance

  7. Common sales maxims and mistakes

  8. Selling based on value not price

  9. Ways to differentiate yourself in your market

Do you have trouble achieving consistent results in your life sales practice? Perhaps this book could help. I've put together in this book most of the process, systems, and techniques that have helped me in my career. 

Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the life industry or just starting your practice, this book might be what you've been looking for. Are you struggling with objections from prospects? Having trouble finding qualified prospects? Looking for a new strategy or plan of action? Do you have trouble explaining insurance in a simple matter of fact way? Are you looking for under-served markets? Are you looking for structure? Do you ever wonder when to offer permanent over term insurance? Do you wonder how a life insurance retirement plan works? What about the pitfalls of a life insurance retirement plan?

Languages: English