Information Privacy Engineering And Privacy By Design

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Author: Stallings, William

Brand: Addison-Wesley Professional

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 528

Release Date: 12-12-2019

Details: Product Description The Comprehensive Guide to Engineering and Implementing Privacy Best Practices As systems grow more complex and cybersecurity attacks more relentless, safeguarding privacy is ever more challenging. Organizations are increasingly responding in two ways, and both are mandated by key standards such as GDPR and ISO/IEC 27701:2019. The first approach, privacy by design, aims to embed privacy throughout the design and architecture of IT systems and business practices. The second, privacy engineering, encompasses the technical capabilities and management processes needed to implement, deploy, and operate privacy features and controls in working systems. In Information Privacy Engineering and Privacy by Design, internationally renowned IT consultant and author William Stallings brings together the comprehensive knowledge privacy executives and engineers need to apply both approaches. Using the techniques he presents, IT leaders and technical professionals can systematically anticipate and respond to a wide spectrum of privacy requirements, threats, and vulnerabilities–addressing regulations, contractual commitments, organizational policies, and the expectations of their key stakeholders. • Review privacy-related essentials of information security and cryptography • Understand the concepts of privacy by design and privacy engineering • Use modern system access controls and security countermeasures to partially satisfy privacy requirements • Enforce database privacy via anonymization and de-identification • Prevent data losses and breaches • Address privacy issues related to cloud computing and IoT • Establish effective information privacy management, from governance and culture to audits and impact assessment • Respond to key privacy rules including GDPR, U.S. federal law, and the California Consumer Privacy Act This guide will be an indispensable resource for anyone with privacy responsibilities in any organization, and for all students studying the privacy aspects of cybersecurity. From the Back Cover In  Information Privacy Engineering and Privacy by Design, renowned information technology author William Stallings brings together the comprehensive and practical guidance that is needed to succeed as organizations of all kinds are recognizing the crucial importance of protecting privacy. Stallings shows how to apply today’s consensus best practices and widely-accepted standards documents in your environment, leveraging policy, procedures, and technology to meet legal and regulatory requirements and protect everyone who depends on you. Like Stallings’ other award-winning texts, this guide is designed to help students quickly find the information and gain the mastery needed to implement effective privacy. Coverage includes: Planning for privacy: Approaches for managing and controlling the privacy control function; how to define your IT environment’s requirements; and how to develop appropriate policies and procedures for it Privacy threats: Understanding and identifying the full range of threats to privacy in information collection, storage, processing, access, and dissemination Information privacy technology: Satisfying the privacy requirements you’ve defined by using technical controls, privacy policies, employee awareness, acceptable use policies, and other techniques Legal and regulatory requirements: Understanding GDPR as well as the current spectrum of U.S. privacy regulations, with insight for mapping regulatory requirements to IT actions Ideal for all students studying the privacy aspects of cybersecurity Includes full sections on planning for privacy, identifying and understanding threats, applying modern privacy technologies, and understanding evolving legal and regulatory requirements (including GDPR) Reflects best practices and widely-accepted standards, and supports key Human Security elements of Cybersecurity Curricula 2017 (CSEC2017) Multiple learning features promote rapid acc

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