Asian Data Privacy Laws: Trade & Human Rights Perspectives

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Author: Greenleaf, Graham

Brand: Oxford University Press

Edition: Reprint

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 624

Release Date: 13-09-2017

Details: Product Description Now in paperback format, this is the first work to examine data privacy laws across Asia, covering all 26 countries and separate jurisdictions, and with in-depth analysis of the 14 which have specialised data privacy laws. Professor Greenleaf demonstrates the increasing world-wide significance of data privacy and the international context of the development of national data privacy laws as well as assessing the laws, their powers and their enforcement against international standards. The book also contains a web link to an update to mid-2017. Review "In a fast-changing area of research, Graham Greenleaf has provided an invaluable reference work. To those interested in getting up to speed on specific jurisdictions, the survey chapters offer quick but thorough introductions to the laws in place. More importantly, however, his assessment of the various Asian jurisdictions highlights the experimentation and innovation that has characterized legal developments in the last decade or so." - Simon Chesterman, Asian Journal of Comparative Law "[...] data privacy laws are being enacted at an ever faster rate with most of this growth in recent years occurring outside Europe, North America, and other Western spheres. There is only a relatively small amount of scholarship dedicated to mapping this non-Western growth ... Asian Data Privacy Laws: Trade and Human Rights Perspectives is the highpoint so far of this documentary effort. It is also a superb confirmation of his status as one of the world's leading experts on law concerning protection of privacy and personal data. ... The book is thus essential reading for anyone who wants to gain a thorough understanding of the nature of data privacy law as a global phenomenon ... it will stand as a truly classic study in its field for many years to come." - Lee A. Bygrave, Department of Private Law, University of Oslo (Computer Law & Security Review) "Greenleaf's comprehensive and authoritative survey is the first work to examine data privacy laws across Asia in such detail, with an in-depth analysis of data privacy authorities and their powers in nine Asian countries and a lighter review of 20 more, as well as the international context in which these laws have developed, common themes among them, regional trends and possible futures. Its keenest readers will be academics, regulators and policy-makers in the areas of data protection and privacy law, with legal practitioners in the Asian region and beyond also in line. But anyone looking to see how the Asian century is manifesting in the area of privacy protection, including many in the technology and communications sector, will also find something of interest among the mass of detail on individual regimes or in the birds-eye view of the historical, cultural and legal context." - David Vaile, University of New South Wales "Greenleaf's analyses and treatment of privacy law in the Asian region provides academic insights and inspiration for well comparative privacy law researches to be developed in other non-European countries particularly in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa where data privacy policies are gaining momentum...I strongly reccomend the book." - Alex B. Makulilo, University of Bremen "Professor Graham Greenleaf's Asian Data Privacy Laws: Trade and Human Rights Perspectives is the only comprehensive book available that examines and aggregates the privacy laws of countries across Asia. This is important because on an international level, Asian privacy law is relatively underdeveloped when compared with the privacy law of other regions including the Americas and Europe. With the rise of Asia as an economic and technological powerhouse, Asian privacy laws are becoming increasingly crucial to any serious study of international privacy law It is impossible to divine exactly how Asian privacy law will develop, but with this treatise, Greenleaf has created a laudable resource for privacy scholars

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