The Co-operative Exchange, the cooperative-oriented product sourcing and distribution platform for co-operatives in the Philippines, and the Buy Coop Movement™, the movement to promote cooperative products, encourage producers cooperatives to make, and for cooperatives to buy from other cooperatives, would like to acknowledge and thank our Sponsors. You can support the Buy Coop Movement as a sponsor through https://paypal.me/cooperative. The Co-operative Exchange will maintain dedicated pages for Sponsors List, were we feature your logo and provide a link on your logo back to your website or Facebook page. The sponsorship fee is annual. We require, however, that you are either (i) a cooperative or a member of a cooperative, or (ii) a supporter or advocate of cooperatives and Cooperative Values and Principles. If you are unsure of this, kindly get in touch with us first. If you would like more visibility on our site and/or support our cooperative projects in a more expansive way, let's talk. We would be delighted to hear from you, please write to sponsors@buy.coop